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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 951 – Chess Sage Li imperfect rush
“Grandpa Chen, what’s Mt. Chinese Chess?” Zhou Wen asked the elder beside him.
Regardless of whether they reached the mountain peak town the elder mentioned, they didn’t experience his father.
“Grandpa Chen, from your looks than it, your dad may perhaps be will no longer all around. What are your strategies? We are able to take you to the surrounding community,” Li Xuan questioned the elder when they relaxed on the town.
Li Xuan sat opposite the Chess Heart and soul casually just like he believed practically nothing of it. When he enjoyed chess with the Chess Soul, he enjoyed along with his cellphone.
“Old Zhou, do you find yourself sure?” Li Xuan required Zhou Wen again.
“I’ve never been to Mt. Asian Chess. I only noticed from your elder once i was small that there was obviously a Mt. China Chess from the nearby hills. Tale has it that there was a medieval normal who once fought an immortal from the stream. Finally, the immortal was beaten by the standard and flew away in embarra.s.sment. The immortal even abandoned his chessboard and chess sections. Thus, the chessboard and chess sections changed into Mt. Eastern Chess,” the elder stated after a little imagined.
Li Xuan presented the telephone to Feng Qiuyan, who immediately comprehended. However, he still recognized, “President, you may be really smart. You really thought of this transfer.”
“If you wish to surge Mt. China Chess, you have to pa.s.s through me very first.” The Chess Heart and soul regular this sentence mechanically as though it had been one and only thing he could say. It was such as an extremely unintelligent robot.
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“From the seems than it, it is because Mt. Chinese Chess has developed into dimensional sector that the vicinity has changed. These Chess Souls are simply protecting Mt. Eastern Chess,” Zhou Wen mentioned after a little thinking.
The important points turned out that also a dimensional being just like a Chess Spirit wasn’t as smart as being a personal computer. Li Xuan actually conquered the Chess Soul.
Zhou Wen glanced at his mobile phone display screen and immediately believed why Li Xuan was comfortable. This fellow acquired actually utilised his telephone to relax and play a game of gentleman versus unit on the Grandmaster point.
Let Me Game in Peace
“What’s taking place ,?” Feng Qiuyan inquired in puzzlement.
Nonetheless, Zhou Wen made use of Simple truth Listener to look at the top of Mt. Eastern Chess, but he didn’t find any troops. There seemed to be merely a dark-robed Chess Heart and soul sitting ahead of the chessboard.
“Of study course. Again while i was created, a lot-teller asserted that I needed a halo above my head…” Li Xuan was even more smug.
“By the way, Grand daddy Chen, where’s the Mt. Eastern Chess you stated?” Li Xuan questioned again.
Li Xuan laughed. “Indeed, I can’t hide out it of you. However, can not you make-believe to not ever know and allow me to be smug for a while?”
“Even if you can find treasures, there are nothing at all regarding us. With the chess skills, I am afraid we won’t have the capacity to surge the mountain / hill.” Zhou Wen didn’t recognize how to perform chess, so he wasn’t considering anything on Mt. Asian Chess.
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Section 951: Chess Sage Li
“I’m already at this age group. There is no reason for heading out. It’s ideal I live in this mountain / hill village,” the elder mentioned after a little idea.
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“Grandpa Chen, what’s Mt. Asian Chess?” Zhou Wen expected the elder beside him.
Li Xuan laughed. “Indeed, I can not cover up it on your part. Having said that, can’t you make-believe to never know and let me be smug for quite a while?”
Li Xuan laughed. “Indeed, I can’t hide it on your part. However, can’t you pretend to not ever know and permit me to be smug for some time?”
The few of them extended on their way. When they encountered a Chess Heart and soul, Li Xuan would use his cell phone to fight it. Anytime, he would overcome the Chess Souls and in some cases have various dimensional crystals fall.
And across the chessboard was actually a strange coc.o.o.n.
The few of them persisted with their way. Every time they encountered a Chess Heart and soul, Li Xuan would use his cell phone to fight it. Everytime, he would beat the Chess Souls as well as have numerous dimensional crystals shed.
“What’s taking?” Feng Qiuyan required in puzzlement.
“Of study course. Back whenever i was given birth to, big money-teller stated that I needed a halo above my head…” Li Xuan was more smug.
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Zhou Wen and Feng Qiuyan looked around and discovered an unusual hill in front of them. Just as the elder possessed claimed, it absolutely was squarish and resembled a chessboard.
Before long, the Chess Heart and soul was beyond movements and declined in a deadlock.
Li Xuan performed the stat crystal and went backside. He stated smugly, “How about this? Can you now know that the t.i.tle Chess Sage Li isn’t referred to as for nothing at all?”

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